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The CDMG Advantage.
Few firms have the ability to work with contractors the way CDMG does. From our beginnings, we've been able to work contractors across the country and with our construction partners at STEVENS. 
This history gives us a unique and direct insight into what takes place on every construction project, how to prevent problems, and how to resolve them in a timely manner when they do occur. It also gives us a unique set of tools for developing accurate time and cost analysis looking out for our clients advantage that goes right to your bottom line.
That's why you can count on the CDMG team to be an effective link between equipment suppliers, engineers, contractors, and you ... and to have what it takes to find solutions and work through the inevitable challenges that arise during implementation of your project.
For your next project, place your trust in a seasoned engineering and management partner that has the reputation to protect your interest. Choose CDMG and put our experience to work for you.

“Our Values are Centered on providing quality service, on schedule and within budget, utilizing the most experienced professionals to meet our clients needs.”


Tom Snyder

Chairman and CEO

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